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     Shenzhen Caixuan digital business processing center of the latest digital laser printing equipment , provides the high quality for you, the low price of the digital photo printing service , dedicated to provide a full range of digital stereo image service for you. Quality assurance: the processing c .....[more]
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Film Scanning
     Film scanner also called film scanner or contact scanner, which scans the effect is a flatbed scanner + penetration and can not be compared , the main task is to scan all kinds of transparent film , scanning picture machine from 135 to 4*6 inches or larger film , optical resolution of lowest also is in 1000dpi above, i .....[more]
Photo fix
Photo fix
     Each family may save some precious photos , and the photos are more or less record an unforgettable memories or a little-known story . But because of the passage of time , many pictures have begun to .....[more]